Sagence Learning joins forces with visionary educators to prepare adult learners for career success.

Sagence Learning enables colleges and universities to close the education and workplace divide. Partner with us and see how our competency-based technology can meet your goals.

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Competency-based education with experience

Sagence Learning provides leading-edge competency-based education (CBE) technology that empowers schools to provide flexible, learner-directed, and affordable education, focused on demonstrable skill mastery without significant investments in infrastructure.

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A proven technology platform that fuses education with opportunity

Developed with innovators in higher education and tailor-made for CBE, our platform empowers our partners to deliver meaningful, flexible educational experiences and demonstrate the results. Ready to discover just how far our unique CBE approach can take your students?

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education: The sagence Learning advantage

At Sagence Learning, we believe everyone should have access to high quality, flexible learning opportunities.

We go a long way toward making this happen—by helping you close the education and workforce gap through demonstrable skill mastery.
What makes us unique may be summed in a single word: experience. Just consider our reliable technology platform that hundreds of students use everyday, our 200-plus active learning modules from diverse partners (with nearly 3000 competencies completed to date), and the growing number of graduates, all of whom have experienced Sagence technology for their entire learning experience. Together, this forms a bedrock commitment to empowering colleges and universities to equip their students with the knowledge and skills sought by hiring managers.

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An integrated platform for cbe solutions

What differentiates Sagence Learning? In a word - experience and commitment. For the past two years we have empowered our partners to equip their students with knowledge and demonstrable skills. That's mastery within reach.

Developed by a dedicated, hands-on team, the Sagence Learning Platforms: ComposeCognify and 
Certify support all aspects of the teaching and learning experience.

Supported by a dedicated, hands-on team, the Compose PlatformCognify Platform, Certify Analytics, and Client Engagement  by Sagence offerings enable faculty to keep tabs on student's progress, respond efficiently to individual needs and measure outcomes in real-time.  From coaching and grader dashboards to project and account management, Sagence has you covered.

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Proven Success


student completions

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"If you're in CBE for the long haul, Sagence is the right partner for you."

Brendan P. Farley

Executive Director of Product Management, Center for Learning Innovation, Walden University

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