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Sagence Learning Focused Solely on Competency-Based Education

August 15, 2016

Closing the Gap Between Higher Education and Career Aspirations

Sagence Learning, previously part of Flat World, was formed to focus exclusively on providing leading-edge competency-based education technology and services to colleges and universities.

Jade Roth, CEO of Sagence Learning said, "We believe in transforming an educational model that serves too few, too inefficiently, and at too high a cost. Acting as a standalone entity specializing solely in competency-based education solutions, our team of leading innovators in higher educator and technology will drive that transformation.  Our design methodology, platform, and implementation services ensure programs are flexible to serve today's student, aligned with skills needed to succeed in the workplace, and at an affordable cost".  

Unlike others in the educational technology field, Sagence Learning's technology and services empower their partners to design and implement programs that optimize the benefits of competency-based education by specifically supporting competency based learning while providing results data that support accreditation and financial aid.

About Sagence Learning, Inc.

Sagence Learning, Inc. is an educational technology and services company based in Brooklyn, NY and Washington, DC. Sagence Learning's comprehensive cloud-based SaaS platform enables colleges and universities to develop and deliver competency-based programs at any scale, on their own, or with expert assistance fromour client success team. Sagence Learning's success has been demonstrated though the thousands of student completions, of hundreds of competency-based education learning modules, in wide-ranging subjects from diverse partners operating live on the platform.

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