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January 12, 2017

Sridhar Avula
Senior Director of Data & Analytics

Sridhar has over 20 years of experience in Data Warehousing Architecture and has served in many management and technical positions at companies ranging from startups and large corporations. Joining over two years ago as our Senior Director of Data and Analytics, he is responsible for the technical management and development of our data-driven tools and analytics. Sridhar combines his passion for education with a deep understanding of data warehousing. His expertise in creating data structures provides a strong basis for the engineering and advancement of custom reports and learner insights in the competency-based learning experience.

Favorite Quote: 

“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.”

What originally brought you to Sagence Learning?

I was working in the Financial Services Industry for a while prior to joining Sagence Learning. I am passionate about education and data and was looking for the right situation to contribute in this area. When the opportunity presented itself a couple of years ago to work for Sagence Learning, I took it. I am ecstatic to be working for an organization that’s at the forefront of CBE technology and is disrupting online education.

What is your role at the company?

My experience is in software development and I specialize in Data Architecture and Analytics. At Sagence Learning, I am responsible for the technical architecture and development of our Certify analytics product, everything to do with data collection, analytics, visualizations and reporting.

What’s most appealing to you about our product and services?

The most appealing part is the student-learning experience; the interface is very intuitive, personalized, and supports interaction; the student is at the very center of the learning platform. It’s the student-learning experience that drives the analytics I can bring to our clients.

From a services perspective what appeals to me most is the passion of the team and individualized attention to each client.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

There are several, but especially the current project we are working on to build reports and visualizations to depict a student’s learning path in a competency is quite exciting. It provides greater insights on student learning behavior to educators.

What should people know about CBE (or Sagence Learning) and don’t?

Our sole focus is to provide educational institutions a blueprint for delivering robust CBE programs and we have the best product to provide student engagement data required for accreditation and financial aid in CBE programs.

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