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Competency-Based Model Strengthens Role of Faculty

December 1, 2016

Sagence Learning Instructional Designer, Christen Beck, examines the teaching responsibilities of faculty members within a competency-based program and how the model empowers educators.

CBE gives faculty the tools they need to analyze data and make changes based off of more granular qualitative data. Gone are the days where the faculty’s only formal feedback for their course is a term based poll where they have to wait for months to see how effective their students felt about the course. There is no need for that sort of polling here. All the data the faculty need is at their fingerprints, any time. "By taking some things off faculty’s plate, we enable them to focus 100% of their time understanding their students' experiences and give faculty the tools they need, through Sagence Learning technology, to meet students where they are."

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A National Consortium for Designing, Developing and Scaling New Models for Student Learning


Discover the impact of Competency-Based Education on higher learning and how to implement CBE programs at your institution


Common Framework for Defining and Approving Competency-Based Education Programs

US Dept of

Competency Based Learning or Personalized Learning; Transitioning away from seat time.

Case Study

Evaluating Empire's First Competency-Based Learning Pilot

SUNY Empire State College piloted their first CBL courses. These findings and recommendations are based on the experiences of Empire State’s coach, faculty, technical staff, and student participants.

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